Our Approach and Values

01  Build a better community by addressing health issues at the root cause

02  Understand the community’s context, goals and power structure and partner with those most impact to make change

03  Collaborate with those best positioned to make change and measure impact by quality of outcomes as well as quantity

Farmers Markets

Initiated as a public health approach to increasing access to fresh food in a large food desert, the market is becoming a hub for small business enterprise and a model for testing short retail exchange opportunities for producers and businesses.

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Authentically Alamance

The Authentically Alamance brand supports healthy relationships that foster trust and reciprocity between consumers and Alamance County businesses.

Black Entrepreneur Collaborative

In 2018, Healthy Alamance supported the creation of a network of black entrepreneurs in Alamance County, a group that seeks to extinguish the hurdles blocking black people from entrepreneurship.

Healthy Living Collaboratives

In 2015, Healthy Alamance partnered with Impact Alamance to form the Alamance Wellness Collaborative & Alamance Food Collaborative. Focused on creating access to fresh food, and increasing opportunities to be physically active, these groups pursue strategies that have a lasting impact on community health and economic viability.

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Community Assessment & Community Based Participatory Research

The Community Assessment team collects data that reflects the voices of the people most impacted by the decisions made by community institutions. With this data, we develop strategies that address the root causes of inequity. This process both quantitative and qualitative methods to collect and analyze data, and build a better understanding of the health within communities.

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